Leitfähige Folie für Sensoranwendungen
  • SensGlass® – leitfähiges Glas erkennt Näherung
  • Metallische Oberflächen für Sensorapplikationen
  • Sensorische Leuchtfliese
  • Interaktive Räume

Large-area proximity sensors

A unique feature of the SensFloor technology is large-area proximity sensing based on a measurement algorithm developed by Future-Shape. All conductive materials can be used as sensor areas to detect an approach from a distance of several centimeters. The challenge is to filter external electromagnetic perturbations that inevitably influence large-area sensor surfaces. Sensor areas can be metallic surfaces, conductive textiles, woven or stitched wires or conductively coated glass or foils. The adaptation to the different materials, sensor geometries and required sensitivity levels is done automatically. By evaluating multiple sensor areas, contactless detection of movement and hand gestures is possible.

The number of possible applications of large-area proximity sensing is virtually infinite. We gladly develop your customised solution from the concept to a complete prototype.