Schleusen- und Sicherheitsfunktionen mit SensFloor Sensormatten
  • SensFloor® Sensormatten bei Demenzflucht
  • SensFloor Matten zählen Besucherströme
  • SensGlass als Türlösung

SensFloor® – sensor floor for security applications

The SensFloor sensor floor with 32 capacitive proximity sensors per square meter can localise individuals and determines the direction and velocity of movements. Presence detection and self-test capability are important features for security applications.

The SensFloor system is suitable for counting people in special surroundings like airports, hotels, cruise ships or security areas. SensFloor in combination with RFID can be used for extended access control. The sensor system distinguishes between one or several persons. Even individual pieces of luggage that were left behind can be detected. The SensFloor system also provides improved security for both sally ports and elevators: camera-free presence detection and vandalism protection (moisture detection). The sensor floor can localise people in a robot collaboration area. This allows unobstructed interactivity through direct control of humans and robots.

We would be glad to advise you with your preferred application. We also offer customer-specific programming and installation of prototype applications.

SensFloor is "Made in Germany".