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SensFloor® – control of automatic doors

SensFloor improves the control of automatic doors compared to standard motion detectors. The system determines the direction and velocity of movements. An automatic door controlled by SensFloor will open only when someone is actually approaching, but will remain closed if someone is merely standing in front of it or walking past. This can lead to a significant reduction of open-and-close cycles of the door, reducing the wear of the door and waste of energy through thermal loss. Static signal detection and self-test capability are further important safety features for automatic doors. If a person stays in the doorway without moving away, the door will be kept open.

The SensFloor underlay can be installed beneath PVC, carpet, and laminate. SensFloor suitable for the installation beneath tiles is under development.

We gladly support the development of your application.

SensFloor is "Made in Germany".