Interaktive Räume
  • Metallische Oberflächen für Sensorapplikationen
  • SensGlass® – leitfähiges Glas erkennt Näherung
  • SensGlass als Bodenfliesen

Interactive rooms

Interactive environments add a new dimension to exhibits and showrooms. With Future-Shape's sensor technology you can create a whole new visitor experience with floors, walls, glazing, pictures, posters, and three-dimensional exhibits that react when people approach them or touch them. Put your visitors in the driver’s seat and allow them to influence their own surroundings! Create presence-controlled lighting or sound effects, and make information available on request!

Future-Shape's sensor technology adds new functionality to surfaces and objects. We offer a wide choice of sensor surface materials including textiles, metal, metal-coated plastics, transparent foil or glass. All that sensor materials have to do is be conductive, or have a conductive coating. The coatings applied to glass are highly transparent and weather-resistant, allowing for outdoor applications (> SensGlass). The sensor itself can be decorative or concealed beneath a non-conductive material such as wood, stone, or plastic.

As the concealing material can be up to five centimeters thick, the sensor system can be installed beneath all standard floor coverings (>SensFloor).