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SensFloor® in an Alsace care home

Since late 2012 the large-area SensFloor system has successfully been used for fall detection and fall prevention in 70 rooms in France.

Depending on the severity of their condition, patients suffering from dementia or prone to falling make great demands on their caretakers. The latter not only have to care and provide for their patients but frequently are required to pay an extra amount of attention e.g. if their charges have an increased need to move or are prone to falling or hurting themselves. For this reason the operator of a new care home in Pfaffenhoffen (France) made effective fall detection and prevention a special priority. The goal was not only to relieve carers but at the same time to allow residents a high degree of safety and freedom.

Our SensFloor setup in Pfaffenhoffen comprises all 70 residents' rooms, including bathrooms. Upon stepping on the floor, the system activates orientation lights for fall prevention and notifies staff of detected falls via the call system. There are two wards: One for patients suffering from dementia and one for those who do not. In the first four months after residents have moved in, six falls have been detected and transmitted to staff via the call system in the half-occupied ward for dementia patients. In the nearly full ward of non-demented patients, 22 falls have been detected and reported by the SensFloor system in the same timeframe. According to the nursing manager, one of these falls could have been lethal without the alarm sounded by the SensFloor, as the patient fell hidden behind the bed and probably would not have been found and cared for in time.