SensFloor Installation Bad Griesbach - das VitaDoro Musterhaus
  • SensFloor Installation Bad Griesbach - der VitaDoro Haustyp1
  • SensFloor Installation Bad Griesbach - VitaDoro Clubhaus
  • SensFloor Installation Bad Griesbach - VitaDoro Funktionen

SensFloor® at the VITA D'ORO residential area in Bad Griesbach, Germany

As the largest golf area of Europe, the centre for Nordic walking in Germany, with three hot springs and various other leisure, sport, and wellness facilities, the town offers appealing opportunities all year round.

Leading an autonomous life, living in age-appropriate surroundings, and remaining independent – this concept comes to life at the VITA D'ORO residential area in Bad Griesbach. Residents live in an open community that meets their needs both for entertaining company as well as for peace and quiet. Accessible living concepts and easily accessible communal facilities guarantee a high standard of living up to a ripe old age. The core of the residential area is the VITA D'ORO Clubhaus (clubhouse). This central service centre is located at the heart of the easily accessible residential area and offers not only regular events, but also various leisure, sport, cultural and service packages. It also provides various individual ranges of care and service.

SensFloor® for Comfort and Safety: Orientation lights that turn on automatically at night prevent falls. When someone is lying on the floor, a fall alarm is triggered and transmitted to the service centre at the Clubhaus. Movements by residents on the other hand do not trigger any alarms. When a person is living alone, too long a period of inactivity may give cause for concern. In this case the floor notifies the service centre and thus ensures that a person does not have to suffer too much time requiring help. If at some point a resident requires a wheelchair, doors can be activated automatically and intelligently, already opening when someone approaches them. This prevents having to align wheelchairs or rollators with them. SensFloor can be combined with a protective system that acts to prevent residents suffering from dementia or prone to running away from leaving unnoticed. All these functions can individually be added at a later date without any reconstruction work necessary.