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Project „Networked Living in the Neighborhood“, Hamburg

The project is about future-oriented care for the elderly in the city Hamburg. The objective of this project with a show flat in Hamburg-Uhlenhorst is to demonstrate which services, SmartHome technologies and everyday supportive systems can be connected in order to reach an individual and age-appropriate living.

The project further aims to scientifically research and test the interaction and suitability for the daily use of these technology and services components, to determine specific requirements of elderly people and to develop prospective, flexible concepts for living and accommodation.

In September 2013, Future-Shape installed 40 sqm of the large-area sensor floor SensFloor in the bedroom, the living room and the dining room of the show flat. The SensFloor system is installed invisibly beneath the PVC design flooring and recognises activities of the resident. It is able to differentiate between walking and falling and to switch on orientation lighting as well as to transmit corresponding alarms or status messages.

The SensFloor system is based on wireless data transmission between the sensor modules within the SensFloor underlay and a corresponding transceiver unit, which is connected to the on-site home automation system of the project. This allows the implementation of applications like the controlling of automatic doors, the leak water detection or the detection of unauthorised intrusion later on as well.