SensFloor Bodensensor in der Pflege für Aktivitätsmonitoring und Sturzerkennung
  • SensFloor Installation France
  • SE8 mit Lichtsäule
  • SF Pattern Care

SensFloor® large-area sensor system for healthcare

Our proximity-sensitive SensFloor underlay detects individuals moving across the sensor floor. The evaluation unit of the system signals the presence, wandering behaviour, or an alarm to the nursing staff when a fallen patient has been detected.

SensFloor can be assembled according to individual needs of nursing homes as well as of assisted accommodations. Our goal is to relieve carers in their daily work routine and at the same time allow high-maintenance patients more scope of freedom without the need of sedation or fixation.

The system can be adapted to nurse call systems. In case of an event, alarms can be transmitted to the infrastructure of the call system and made visible with signalling lights, pagers, or the main staff computer of the nursing ward. This allows care personnel to know at a glance when and where help is needed. The SensFloor system is suitable for public buildings and has already been used in care homes for Alzheimer patients. Do not hesitate to ask for our references!

SensFloor is "Made in Germany".