SensFloor Multimediaprojekt, 3Monkeys, Dubai
  • SensFloor Multimediaprojekt, 3Monkeys, Dubai
  • SensFloor Multimediaprojekt, 3Monkeys, Dubai

3Monkeys Use SensFloor® to exercise the mind and the body at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival

What happens when you employ contactless floor sensors in a kids game? You get an engagingly different means of controlling in real time. Kids were asked to jump on certain lanes to "collect" letters to spell words. These letters came towards them in a random order. If the word was completed, a new one was started this time at a higher speed.

So how did this innovative use of what is, after all, a product found more often in nursing homes to monitor falls by the elderly come about?

Rudi Buchner, Chief technical Officer at 3Monkeys explains, "We were looking for some fresh way to control a kid’s game. One that would be fun and interactive, but intuitive for the kids. After a bit of surfing, I stumbled upon the guys at Future-Shape who had a very interesting product in SensFloor. After a few conversations about interfaces, we knew that this was the way forward - a kids game using the floor as the game controller. It being a wireless product was even better for us when it came to installing in standard exhibition flooring."

With the relevant product procured it was only a matter of interfacing the communication protocols of the floor sensors with the real time Ventuz graphics system, and the Hopathon was born.

Rudi continues "Our end client Action Impact was delighted with the end result and during the week of operation, the Hopathon performed flawlessly. The exciting thing for me is that we have only scratched the surface at what functionality is available with the SensFloor, so watch this space, see what we do next!"