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SensFloor® is part of a groundbreaking technical brand-installation

"Breaking the Surface" is an interactive, conceptual installation, which is co-created by Scandinavian Design Group and Lundin Norway. It was presented for the first time at the Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) Tradeshow 2014 in Stavanger." Beneath other important partners the project team has worked closely with the Robotics engineer Abida. The large area sensor floor was integrated with four depth cameras constructing a realtime model of the environment on which the motion scheme is based.

529 acrylic pipes are simulating the sea surface from above. They are mounted between two floor levels. Each of the pipes are steered by individual servo motors, interlinked in a system. The advanced sensory system is able to track the visitors patterns of movement. Through their presence, they will be able to influence and partly control the responsive movements of the installation.

"The success factor in a project like this lies within the ability to link different competence areas at an early stage, in order to maintain a holistic, yet detailed perspective throughout the entire project”, says Frida Larsson, Client Director and Project Manager for the project in Scandinavian Design Group. The installation is only visiting ONS, as it will be featured in the new offices of Lundin Norway in the future.

SensFloor is a large-area, proximity sensitive, sensor system, which can be installed beneath various types of hard or flexible floorings. So it was very easy to integrate the system in the Lundin application. The SensFloor system is able to localise individuals and determines the direction and velocity of movements. The system is based on wireless data transmission between the sensor modules within the SensFloor underlay and a corresponding transceiver unit. The serial interface of the transceiver unit allows to transmitt the sensor data signals to the individual project software for further processing